How To Congratulate A Newly Engaged Couple

Want to wish your friends well for their engagement? Have you been troubled by how would you let them know that you are very happy for them? Well, here is a list of wishes that you can send to the couple who are having their engagement. I hope you enjoy these wishes!

Here are some wishes that you can write on cards or your gifts!

• I congratulate you both for your sweet and true love and blissful togetherness. I wish you peaceful and great times ahead in life. Congratulations on your engagement.

• The love you have for each other is marvelous and true. Stay in love for the rest of your lives. I wish you lots of happiness and togetherness in future. Congratulations on your Engagement.

• Your love has reached a new height. May your sugary love be always happy. Congratulations on your engagement and all the luck for the times to come.

• Here comes the bride! Here comes the groom! Here comes my wishes of happiness for you both! Congratulations to the soon-to-be married couple!

• I am so glad that you have this day. I look forward to see you on your wedding day! May your hearts never stop to beat for each other. Congratulations!

• My heart is smiling for the couple who will soon to have their wedding! Congratulations! I’m so glad you have found each other. I am wishing you all the joy and luck for the future.

• A future that is filled with delight is my special wish for the both of you. May your dreams built together some true. I am happy for you guys! Happy Engagement!

• Always love each other, and never ask. Trust each other, and never doubt. Let love grow till forever ends. Congratulations!

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