Engagement Wishes

Engagement CardWhenever you attend an engagement party, you will definitely feel that love is in the air. This feeling is felt by everyone, simply because of the engaged couple.

It will always be nice for the engaged couple to receive engagement gifts with greetings and wishes from people who are really witnesses as the love grows deeper. To celebrate and wish your friends, cousins, and other relatives good luck on their engagement day, it is best to send engagement wishes. You will find some selected ecards here to help send that special couple your noble wishes and prayers. The suggestions below could be helpful for you.


You can send them a nice engagement wish like:

“As both of you look forward to our wedding day, may your love be the reminder of the joy that lies ahead. Happy Engagement!”

Another is a cute engagement poem that goes like this:

“To a lovely and special couple
who make a  perfect pair
I wish you the happiness
that just lingers in the air”


You may also send  the couple a simple, optimistic poem like this one:

“You’re engaged…
For all of your lives,
May you find in each other.
The friend of your heart…
The joy of your world…
The love of your life!”


One wish you can give is in advance of a wedding, saying:

“Marriage is not only the beginning of a beautiful relationship but also the end of a life long search for the other half of your soul.”

A simple poetic wish for the future life of the engaged couple is also a great idea. It may be this way:

“A future overflowing with happiness
A exceptional wish for you
Days filled with joy and gladness”
And all your dreams come true.

There are also funny messages that you can send, but you have to make sure not to insult the couple. You have to make them smile. Here is an example:

“You surely are enjoying.
Being engaged is the beginning.
Being wed is a suffering.
However, marrying the one you love is exciting.
Spending your life with your wife or husband will prove that everything is worth living and fighting.

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